Wednesday, December 20

The Onion's 2006 Retrospective

"Looking back on the stories that captured the imagination of the give-a-shits"

#1 Thousands More Dead In Continuing Iraq Victory

#2 Al Gore Caught Warming Globe To Increase Box Office Profits

#3 Kevin Federline, Wife Divorce

#4 Ken Lay's Children Inherit 4,000 Pensions

#5 Israel Bombs Anti-Semitism Out Of Lebanon

#6 Karl Rove Accused Of Throwing Midterm Elections

#7 NASA Launches Probe To Inform Pluto Of Demotion

#8 Osama Bin Laden Takes Credit For Crocodile Hunter's Death

#9 Generous Vice President Cheney Gives Hard-Working Media Field Day

#10 Coretta Scott King's Wiretap Ends

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