Monday, October 23

S&M, Latex and He-Man

hemanAh, He-Man -- Christmas specials, homoerotic children's programming...murder?

In a master-slave relationship gone wrong, 39-year-old American Charles Henson tried to kill his former allergic-to-latex girlfriend in London by stuffing his rubber glove-clad hand into her mouth.

Feeling this method lacked a nais se qua, he also shouted He-Man's catchphrase "By the power of Grayskull!" Miraculously, Henson's ex-girlfriend survived the attack DESPITE the invocation of a magical castle from a 1980s cartoon.

Henson sounds like a real peach, combining the most charming aspects of a kinky lawyer and demented killing machine. From the Guardian:
Henson denied he was trying to kill her, saying this was not allowed in their contract. "In section four of the contract, it says the master does not have a right to kill the slave," he said. "If I break bones, cut her, leave scarring or wounds without her consent - that's not allowed."

He said if he had wanted to kill her his military training would have enabled him to do so in "four seconds". Addressing prosecutor Lynne Matthews he said: "I can take the palm of my hand and kill you by shoving your nose into your skull. That's a four-second death. If I wanted her dead, she would be dead."
I have the power, indeed!

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