Thursday, September 7

Upper West Side: Where Brunch Was Born

Interesting and semi-plausible account in Slate about how NY smoked sturgeon emporium Barney Greenglass was the epicenter for the investion of brunch as we know it, back in the 1980s.
Sunday brunch's formative cauldron may be this otherwise unremarkable six-block stretch of Amsterdam on the Upper West Side ... Why Sunday? While it's tempting to see brunch as a secular ritual—a slow start for those coming to after nocturnal prowlings—there's an argument that it owes a great deal to American Jewry. Brunch, Gary Greengrass acknowledges, was a kind of Jewish alternative to church.

The article also notes that brunch "often has a distinctly post-coital vibe." Cha-ching!

Related: Homer Simpsons celebrates his invention of "a meal between breakfast and brunch."

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