Friday, September 15

Braff as Fletch?


Scrubs? check.
Garden State? check.
A new Fletch movie? effing awesome!

Zach Braff gets interviewed for his forthcoming movie The Last Kiss. The plot: a guy cheats on his pregnant girlfriend -- can the legendary Braff charisma keep this guy from being a total douchebag, and the movie a total drag?.

But the really interesting stuff comes at the end, concerning Zach's possible next job: portraying the legendary Irwin Maurice "Fletch" Fletcher.

fletchQ: Is this FLETCH WON thing still a possibility? Is that any closer to happening? I know (Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence’s] name has come up as possibly being attached to it with you starring.

ZB: Yeah, I was talking to Harvey Weinstein about it when Kevin Smith was going to do it, and then Kevin fell out of it, and then I told Harvey that, you know, the perfect guy is Bill Lawrence, because there’s not a bigger fan of the Fletch book series than Bill. I mean, he is a Fletch fanatic. He’s one of those geeks that’s, on the Fletch websites.

C: I didn’t know there were such things.

ZB: There are Fletch websites. So, Harvey hired him to write and direct it. Bill’s starting from scratch. He’s going back to the book, and he’s got a really good template for it. His idea is…he uses the movie BEVERLY HILLS COP as a reference. If you think about BEVERLY HILLS COP, everyone thought it was a comedy, you know, you think back, and you think of all the funny stuff, but it also really holds up as an exciting action movie with high stakes. Someone gets their head blown off in the opening scene. I mean, it’s a high stakes mystery, action movie, but at the same time, hilarious. And, in the spirit of that, that’s what Bill wants to do with FLETCH, having you laughing a lot, but also have real stakes and have it be an exciting mystery.

C: An edgy FLETCH. I like it.

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