Wednesday, July 5

So Bloody British

Brilliantly gruesome story in The Sun today (OAP = old age pensioner)


NEIGHBOURS of a pensioner savaged by a cackling “cannibal” told last night how he enjoyed a peaceful village life until the sudden horrific attack.

Doug Morgan, 75, and his wife Valerie were getting ready for bed when the maniac dived through a lounge window left open because of the heatwave.

A fierce tussle broke out as the intruder punched the OAP — then bit him repeatedly. He chewed off Doug’s thumb and ATE it, police said.

He is also thought to have ripped off the villager’s left nipple with his teeth — and tore chunks from his face and upper body.

Check out the classic man on the street quote:
One neighbour said: “Everyone is scared witless. There is talk of a cannibal attack in the village and no one can quite take it in.

“The old chap lived a peaceful life with his wife, then someone jumped through his window and bit off his thumb. It doesn’t bear thinking about.”

And the kicker from a police source:
“Mr Morgan put up a brave fight but was set about in a cannibalistic way. His thumb could not be sewn back on because the attacker had literally eaten it.”

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