Thursday, July 20

Hey, it's that guy!

I love HITG moments.

Skimming over a Slate article "On the enlightened fuzziness of Keanu Reeves" (hey, it's Slate, whaddyagonnado) I come across this intriguing line:
By way of proving that the most sublime Keanu is a near-silent Keanu, I point you to this moment in Point Break (surely the greatest thriller ever about surfing detectives) in which Keanu rises, Buddha-like, above the angry rantings of his superior officer with a single oracular utterance.
Slate has kindly provided video of said scene (It's embedded in the article, so I can't directly link here).

Who's the angrily ranting superior officer? None other than John C. McGinley, who plays Dr. Cox, the hilariously angry ranter with a heart of gold "Scrubs." Check out his IMDB link -- heeeeyoooge resume before he found his career-defining role.

Explore the ranks of the "Hey, It's That Guy!" pantheon here.

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