Tuesday, July 25

1 Wall, 4 Artists (and a few bananas)

It all began with two bananas, Jules and Vincent, when stencil ninja Banksy threw this famous piece up in London. The Guardian reports: "When the famous street artist Banksy climbed up one night to make his mark, the Old Street site began to take on a special identity. Banksy painted the wall black, then, with white paint and stencils, added the classic Jackson/Travolta image."

Then came the 7/7 bombings, and this concisely worded addendum. "Though low on wit, the painting's evident passion and timeliness won it some admirers, and it endured, more or less, until late this spring."

Next up: Shepard Fairey, who threw up one of his ubiquitous "OBEY" posters featuring Andre the Giant. He was quickly overwritten by Faile, who made his point with the past tense "Banksy WAS here."

And finally, right back where we started from. Graffiti artist Ben Flynn tells the Guardian that Banksy has returned.
"I recognise his work," he says, even though the second Pulp Fiction image is unsigned. "I think it's quite true for all graffiti writers that once you've had a painting on a wall that's stayed there for quite a long time, and you've gone back and repaired it and looked after it, you consider that wall to be yours. And especially with that image being such an iconic image, it's Banksy's wall."
Which leaves one obvious question for Old Street's Graf Wall of Fame: Where's Neckface?

Photos from Flickr users areyarey , katenadine, noisehead, wolf tickets

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