Tuesday, June 13

While You Were Out

I've been out of pocket for a week or so -- part of my "work as little as possible" Summer of Naught Six -- and boy have the Interwebs been busy in my absence!

Body modders give themselves the sixth sense of magnetism by ... inserting incredibly strong magnets into their fingertips.

Crackpot 'Lost' theories compiled for your conspiracy-minded pleasure.

Jon Stewart wields his rhetorical bitch-slapping stick against slot machine loving social conservative Bill Bennet.

How the "Twin Peaks" set dresser became one of the all-time most disturbing TV villains, Bob. (Where's Annie? Where's Annie?)

Crazy for Star Wars

A tuxedoed Stephen Colbert, taking a break from welcoming new entrants to the work force, gets reacquainted with guest No. 1 (and 100) Stone Philips. "If it were me, I'd say, 'Hey Couric! Don't the door hit ya where the Good Lord splits ya!' But as she is joining the Viacom family, I'd like to say, 'Katie, welcome."

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