Thursday, May 25

Over the shoulder banana hammock

The caption is mismatched, but the photo on its own is so very, very wrong. "Borat: The Movie" looks hilarious.

Irony Impaired

Who says disgraced House Minority Whip Tom "The Hammer" Delay doesn't have a sense of humour? Well, actually...

Apparently Tommy D. is not hip to Steven Colbert's satirical schtik on the "Colbert Report" (both T's are silent!) in which he paradies a bombastic Bill O'Reilly-esque TV pundit. Uh, Tom, there was this obscure little ballsalicious bitchslap of Dubya at the White House Corros Dinner last month that attracted a bit of notice...

Delay's legal defense fund has sent out a fund raising letter touting Colbert's "takedown" of Robert Greenwald, creator of the movie "The Big Buy: Tom DeLay’s Stolen Congress."

According to the email, Greenwald "crashed and burned" under the pressure of Colbert’s hard-hitting questions, like "Who hates America more, you or Michael Moore?" ThinkProgress reports.

"You're an entrepreneur, and I honour that, of course the product you're pushing is the destruction of America. Good luck with that!"

Check out the video at the top of the DefendDeLay website!

Kracking Down on Klingon Krime

Good to see that Britain's knife amnesty, aimed at reducing crimes of the stabby stabby variety, is having a major effect. Pictured at right, police in Gloucester have taken possession of a Klingon Batleth sword, presumably from some sort of nerd crime syndicate.

Friday, May 19

Niche signage

Wait for meeeee!
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"Do not abandon your child and his teddy bear in a library"

Thursday, May 18

Arrested Development: The Yard Sale

The late, lamented sitcom Arrested Development is holding an estate sale. The folks at The Fader are hoping for Buster's claw hand. Me, I like the looks of this sign for Milford Academy, where children are neither seen nor heard.

You can always tell a Milford man.

Friday, May 12

No Dancing at the Parthenon

Apparently it's a taboo akin to "no sex in the champagne room."

Matt, a self-described "itinerant deadbeat," has a fondness for videos of himself dancing in front of famous monuments. Apparently, in Greece, this is not well received.

The sun begins to go down and a couple Japanese guys are taking pictures of each other. I ask one of them to hold the camera while I dance.

“10 seconds,” I explain.
“Okay. No problem.”

So I start to dance, and the guy in the leather jacket gets up from the bench and walks into the middle of the shot.

“What do you think you’re doing?” he asks.
“I’m dancing.”
“You can’t do that here. You must delete it.”
"You're joking, right?"
"Delete the picture right now!"
“I’m not going to delete anything.”

The Japanese guy senses trouble. “10 seconds,” he says, hands me the camera and leaves.

“What you are doing is disrespectful.”
“I don’t think it’s disrespectful.”
“Give me the camera.”
“I’m not going to give you the camera.”
“Then take your things and come with me.”
“I’m not going anywhere with you.”
“Then I will call the police and you will go to jail.”
“Who are you? Show me some identification.”
“I will show you identification later. Come with me right now.”
“I’m not going anywhere until you show me identification.”

So the guy goes and he gets a security guard.

“Show me the video,” says the guard. I show him the video.

“You cannot do that here!”
“Why not?”
“It is against the rules.”
“What rules? Show me the sign that says No Dancing.”
“Remove the video.”
“Then come with me.”

(via Waxy)

How Gay is He-Man?

More than a little, it seems, according to Slate's Sam Anderson:

In the ever-growing lineup of "outed" classic superheroes, He-Man might be the easiest target of all. It's almost too easy: Prince Adam, He-Man's alter ego, is a ripped Nordic pageboy with blinding teeth and sharply waxed eyebrows who spends lazy afternoons pampering his timid pet cat; he wears lavender stretch pants, furry purple Ugg boots, and a sleeveless pink blouse that clings like saran wrap to his pecs.

To become He-Man, Adam harnesses what he calls "fabulous secret powers": His clothes fall off, his voice drops a full octave, his skin turns from vanilla to nut brown, his giant sword starts gushing energy, and he adopts a name so absurdly masculine it's redundant. Next, he typically runs around seizing space-wands with glowing knobs and fabulously straddling giant rockets. He hangs out with people called Fisto and Ram Man, and they all exchange wink-wink nudge-nudge dialogue: "I'd like to hear more about this hooded seed-man of yours!"

Thursday, May 11

John Lennon Invented the iPod?

Sorry if this is a bit old, but I've been covering the Apple vs Beatles trial in London, so I was very amused to come across this funny spoof video.

Wednesday, May 10

Come and Knock on My Door...

(Suggested listening: Well, duh)

May I present for your viewing pleasure, the pilot episode of "Three's Company," the classic two girls and a guy sitcom built around double entendres, dumb blond jokes and Jack Tripper's feigned homosexuality.

The show, adapted from an earlier British sitcom, was also known for notorious diva behavior and some particularly awful spin-off attempts.

"You'll see that life is a ball again and
laughter is callin' for you
Down at our rendezvous,
Three's company, too!"

Friday, May 5

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike

(suggested listening: "Bicycle Race" by Queen)

This dalmation can ride a bicycle. Big whoopdeedoo -- he's totally cheating by using the training wheels. I am SO not impressed.

Stop the Madness -- For Reals

This 1985 anti-drug film has it all:

The Governator (steroids)
David Hasselhoff (alcohol)
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (ganja)
a very young Whitney Houston (crack)
New Edition-era Bobby Brown (pick a drug, any drug)
oh, and a wigged-out monkey!

(via Popbitch)

Thursday, May 4

Metaphysical Funk

Sly and the Family Stone. A $10,000 talent contest at Ohio State University. Did they win? Watch the video and take a wild guess. As one of the YouTube commenters asks, "Is it metaphysically possible for something to be that funky?"

Watch the video through to the end -- the painfully unhip guy handing out the check exclaims: "That's, erm, some, uh, groovy bread." (via S/FJ)