Thursday, February 23

What does Philip Pullman's Daemon Look LIke?

This one is for the fans of Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' trilogy. If you haven't read...I won't explain, becuase it just won't sound right, but trust me that if you read these books and don't love them, I will personally give you a dollar.*

The video of Pullman talking about his hypothetical daemon comes from a massive compilation of video segments on the Royal National Theatre's amazing adaptation of the books.
Here's actor Ben Wright on operating the puppet for Mrs Coulter's evil golden monkey daemon (pictured at right), the namesake for this blog: Link.

The 'Dark Materials' movies have long been in production, but were delayed after the first director resigned over attempts by New Line Cinemas to play down the book's explicitly anti-organised religion stance. Anand Tucker, director of "Shopgirl" and "Hilary and Jackie" is the current director.

*just kidding

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