Tuesday, January 24

Sorpresa alla'Italiana

A few pix from my surprise birthday trip to Rome (Thanks wifey!), where not only was the destination a secret but my brother, a gang of friends, and brother- and sister-in-law Peter and Siobhan showed up to help me ring in the good side of 30 yrs old.
Many thanks to Bernhard and Cristina for shepherding us around Roma, feeding us in their home, and showing us their favourite super-secret Sardinian restaurant. (Un/fortunately, maggot cheese was not on the menu) Also to Peter and Siobhan for the super deluxe dinner with a marquee view, and to everybody for traveling such a long way. But most of all to the lovely Kelly for setting it all up, and holding the surprise together in the face of adversity and one particularly insane taxi driver.

Amos and Bella at St Pete's

The Forum at night

Amos and the Birra Gigantica

The hazards of indoor flash photography

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