Tuesday, January 24

The Emerald Isle

I'm doing a two week stint in the Reuters Dublin bureau to fill in for a sick colleague, so posts may be a bit sporadic (ok, even more sporadic) due to work and heavy Guinness consumption. There are only 3 people in the bureau, so it promises to be a good jack-of-all-trades time: living in a hotel Eloise steez, writing about housing prices, new pharmaceutical plants and gay civil unions in a country where homosexuality was illegal until 1993 (!).

One fun piece I did today is about the new Lonely Planet guide, which urges Ireland to put all that shamrock, leprechaun, Blarney-stone business on the backburner and promote the hip and trendy aspect of a country that's gone from being one of the poorest in Europe to one of the richest in a mere decade.

Check it out here.

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