Monday, December 12

The Return

Sorry for being out of touch, dear readers, but it's been four weeks since back surgery and I'm finally back at the office, less one 3 cm disk fragment.

Everything seems to have gone extremely well -- I've had no virtually no pain and I can't tell you how great it just to be able to walk around London again!

A few tidbits to welcome you back:

An Oregon town disposes of a dead whale by blowing it up with dynamite, showering whale parts for more than a mile and destroying at least one car with a large chunk of falling blubber.

Vintage 1970 news footage via Google Video.

You'd think Lillo Brancato Jr would have got the message that organised crime doesn't pay after his "Sopranos" character, Matthew Bevilaqua, got whacked by Tony and Big Pussy in Hacklebarny State Park. But nooooooooo -- He decides to burgle a house, gets surprised by a cop, and in the resulting shoot-out the cop dies and Brancato and his accomplice are critically wounded. Lillo, your onscreen father Robert De Niro ("A Bronx Tale") would be so disappointed. Bonus points: In the B-movie "'R Xmas," Brancato was married to fellow Sopranos whackee Drea De Matteo.

And finally...Xmas is a busy time for photocopier repairmen, what with all the asses being photocopied. "Canon also asked its staff to report the strange objects that they had found in damaged equipment. The list included stockings, a condom, a kitchen knife, a sausage roll and a vibrator - although presumably not all in the same machine."

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