Wednesday, December 21

By the power of Greyskull! .... and Jesus

Bow down before the totally radical He-Man/She-Ra crossover Christmas special!

He-Man/Prince Adam: So that's how Christmas first came to Eternia. Not everyone celebrates Christmas, but the spirit of the Christmas season is within us all. It's a season of love and joy and caring.

Orko: And presents!

He-Man: (Chuckling) Presents are nice, Orko, but Christmas means much more than that.

Orko: I know, Adam. Christmas is a time of peace and caring and happiness.

He-Man: That's right, Orko. And what would make you happiest this Christmas?

Orko: Presents!

He-Man: Oh, Orko!

The 45 minute cartoon/infomercial is nakedly geared toward selling toys such as the He-Man Helicopter Dildo (see below).

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