Tuesday, September 13

Sherry & Sprite

The NYTimes' Amanda Hesser unearths an unearthly cocktail at a tapas restaurant in New York: A manzanilla/Sprite cocktail called the Rebujito.
Fill a tall glass with ice. Pour in 2 ounces Manzanilla (or Fino) sherry and top with 6 ounces Sprite (not 7Up). Stir. Add a twist of lemon. Serves 1.

This is a big cocktail at Sevilla's Feria de Abril, a weeklong booze and dancing fest where people carry sherry glasses on strings around their necks. It's certainly no stranger than the calimocho, which is red wine and Coca-Cola, or the tinto de verano, which is Fanta and redwine. And the weird combos aren't limited to Spain -- what demented Englishman decided that the Sprite-and-beer remix known as the shandie was a good idea?

We need the rebujitos flowing in London in time for next summer -- attention Moro, Brindisa and Cafe Kick!

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