Monday, September 19

Hoist the Mizzenmast Matey

That's right amigos, it's Dia de Hablar Como Un Pirato, so dust off those eye-patches and limber up your yardarms. If you're feeling like some high-brow pirate fare, check out McSweeny's "Pirate Riddles for Sophisticates":
Q: Whom did the pirate vote for in the Haitian election?
A: ARRRistide.

Q: Wait. Why did they let a pirate vote in the Haitian election?
A: Remember, the nation was taking its first halting steps toward democracy, and balloting procedures were rather chaotic. The pirate just slipped in somehow. Arrr.

Q: I don't buy it. Pirates care nothing for participating in the electoral process.
A: Look, can we finish this up soon? I'm having those phantom pains in my wooden leg.

Q: A phenomenon first described in the 17th century by which important contributor to the field of amputation surgery?
A: Oh, this is getting ridiculous.

Q: Just say it.
A: Ambroise PARRRé.

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