Friday, September 23

Hasn't the Woman Suffered Enough?

1. Date marginally talented crack-head junkie singer
2. Become the tabloid poster child for drugged-out excess

segue to....

Scientology reaches out to Kate Moss
Controversial religion wants the model to join their drug rehab program

UPDATE from Defamer:
Look—we’re going to be up front about this. There is absolutely no way we can discuss Scientology-assisted rehab without making the Tom Cruise Personally—Personally! joke. So here goes: With the chance to recruit/help such a red-hot celebrity, Tom Cruise is going to go on hiatus from shooting Mission: Impossible: 3 and personally -- personally! -- hold Moss’ Hoover-strength nostrils closed and force-feed her vitamins and sandwiches until she’s completely stepped off drugs.

God, we feel so dirty. But the good kind of dirty.

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