Wednesday, September 28

Damn Right It's Not

Photo via Sasha Frere-Jones

The BBC got its knuckles rapped by the UK media regulator yesterday for running a radio show on the history of punk culture that opened with an elderly woman reeling off a long string of profanties.

After a brief warning about strong language, the program began:

"Hello ladies, boys and girls, I thought that you might like to know - in the spirit of punk rock – the following show includes, what we often refer to as language. So if, like me, you are offended by such words and phrases as: arse; bollocks; tit, wank; tit-wank; rotter; mother licker; mother sucker; mother fucker; twat; minge juice; bottler and of course bastard – then you might wish to turn over, or fuck off – thank you."

Minge juice? I also really like the fact that "tit-wank" is its own word, more than the sum of its parts.

UK media regulator Ofcom ruled that the profanity "was
clearly intended to be ironic and provide a humorous
introduction to the programme", but noted that listeners aged 4
to 14 make up 14 percent of the Radio 1 audience at that hour.

"Given the potential child audience for Radio 1 at this
time, we believe that the use of such strong language, with such
intensity, at the start of the programme was inappropriate", the
regulator wrote in its ruling.

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