Friday, July 1

I Dream of Venus

Venus Williams has always been one of my favorites. She has a gawky, gangly kind of grace that I like. She's not as muscle-bound as her sister, but she can cover the whole court in about three strides.

That said, for the last three years she has basically sucked. She pulled a stomach muscle, got into fashion design, and basically didn't seem interested in tennis anymore. When I saw her lose -- to a 15 year old! -- in stright sets at the French Open last month, I assumed she was done, and I wasn't alone.

Turns out, not so much. Venus spanked my other fave, the not unattractive Maria Sharapova, in a Centre Court match yesterday that had everyone's jaws on the grass. I've never seen her play so well -- where the hell did that come from? She was hitting the ball with unbelievable pace and precision, and made Sharaprova totally ineffectual.

If she can keep it up, Venus will be ascendent once again.

In tangentially related news, check out this great article from the Sports Illustrated archives about John McEnroe's 1981 Wimbledon victory, where he finally beat his nemesis Bjorn Borg.

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