Thursday, May 12

Where Brooklyn At?

My beloved New Yorker has committed a grievous slur against my even more beloved adopted borrough, with a cover showing Adam & Eve banished from the Eden of Manhattan and into the sinnerland of Brooklyn.

Maybe this could be taken to mean that people get laid more on the east side of the Manhattan, Brooklyn and Williamsburg bridges, but somehow I don't think that was the intent.

Brooklyn's notoriously bellicose residents were less than pleased. One even broke out the photoshop and did a bit of creative revisionism.

Of course, there are far worse places to live in New York.

"Brooklyn's great. I don't think Adam and Eve would be banished to Brooklyn," Helen Lilikakas of Bay Ridge told the Daily News. "Maybe Queens, but not Brooklyn."

In related news, not only is my ex-hood Ft Greene soon to be sullied by the controversial Brooklyn Nets stadium/office complex, but the United Nations might be moving in too. Or they could go down the street to the Metrotech building, which used to beam a giant J.P. Morgan Chase logo into our bedroom every night, taunting my wife (a JPM employee) like some kind of perverse Bat Signal.

Good times, good times.

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