Monday, May 9

Is 'Sith' Shit -- or *the* Shit?

Can 'Revenge of the Sith' rescue Star Wars from steaming-heap-of-crap-ocity? Well, it made Steven Spielberg cry, but then he's known to be a sentimental little girly man.

"Clerks" auteur Kevin Smith loved it, but his fellow round-table discussion mate Simon Pegg -- who burned his Star Wars toys in a Vadar-esque bonfire in an episode of his hilarious sitcom "Spaced" -- wasn't so sure.

I have my hopes up -- AGAIN -- but I have to cringe when I hear of lines like this: "Hold me, Anakin! Hold me like you did by the lake on Naboo!" Natalie, I hope you took a shower after George Lucas forced those words from your pert little mouth.

Whatever happens, at least you can have your lawn watered and fertilised by the dark side of the force.

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