Wednesday, April 13

The Weather Underground

Only in weather-obsessed Britain could you find a Web site that gives you a "weather" forecast for inside tube stations. Did you know the Central Line is 3 degrees (Celsius) warmer than the Jubilee?

Personally I hate the tube and I'm dreading the day in July when my office moves from Bloomsbury, a 25 minute walk from home, to the blighted corporate wasteland mall that is Canary Wharf, which is two tube lines and an hour away.

For you non-Londoners out there, this is roughly equivalent from moving from Union Square in Manhattan to the Ikea parking lot in Jersey.

*Bonus fact: When Kelly and I lived in Brooklyn post-9/11, the Ikea parking lot was our designated rendezvous point in case of a terrorist attack. We might have been radioactive and full of anthrax, but at least we would have all the flat-packed plywood modernist designer knock-offs we could carry. And in a post-apocolyptic society (Oryx & Crake steez), those vinyl carry-all Ikea shopping bags would really come in handy.

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