Thursday, April 21

Turn your pound cake to red velvet

My friendly neighborhood cake man -- conveniently named CakeMan Raven -- gets love in the New York Times for his baroque culinary confections for the likes of Mary J. Blige.
Four feet wide and 26 inches tall, the cake featured edible approximations of a CD, a musical note, a Dolce & Gabbana shopping bag, a Christian Dior purse, a MAC cosmetics compact, a dove and a near-life-size baby, meant to symbolize Ms. Blige's spiritual rebirth. can really taste the spiritual rebirth.

During my halcyon days in Fort Green, I loved eating CakeMan's signature red velvet cake (limit 4 slices per customer). I lived in an apartment equidistant between CakeMan and Junior's, home of the famous cheesecake and the even-better strawberry shortcake. Also deserving of fame: Junior's "Something Different" sandwich, a massive pile of beef brisket between two giant slabs of potato pancake.

Thinking of Brooklyn makes me hungry.

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