Thursday, April 21

Truth serum, gay pyramids, and simian security forces

Were truer words ever spoken on Oprah? Jon Stewart, asked which politician he would most like to give truth serum, utters the Zen koan: "Truth serum only works with people that know they're lying."
Link (Windows Media)

In other news:
The new food pyramid is totally gay
Some German guy luuuuuuurves Maude Flanders
Oops I Did It Again -- the Louis Armstrong original
How to Destroy the Earth (you must be very lucky or very patient)
The Goonies 20th Anniversary Celebration
The Simpsons sell out to the Pope

And last but not least:
Monkey SWAT team.

(Next season on 24: Keifer trys to uncover the mole in CTU's covert chimp division -- "WHO ARE YOU GROOMING FOR?!! WHAT IS YOUR PRIMARY APE-JECTIVE??! -- and gets his faced chewed off.)

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