Monday, April 4

A sweet as trip to God Zone


After 2 weeks, 2500 km in a campervan, 12 times zones and 73 hours of airports and airplanes, I'm back from New Zealand (aka God Zone, short for God's Own Country). More tales to follow in the next few days, but here's a few highlights:

-- skydiving over Abel Tasman national park

-- a helicopter trip to the top of Franz Joseph Glacier

-- camping on glacier lakes, perfect for an early morning swim

-- a beautiful hike and rare cloudless view of Mt Cook, NZ's highest peak

-- a 2 day sailboat charter in the Bay of Islands and the South Pacific with Dan, Kelly and my Mom

Thanks to my brother Dan for playing tour guide, Amos for taking on driving duties, Noah for comic relief, Mom for finding us a yacht, and Kelly for putting up with 4 boys in a bus.

More pictures here.

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