Tuesday, April 12

In other news...

A friend writes: "They say that politics is showbusiness for ugly people, but [UK Green Party Paliamentary candidate] Julia Stevenson (dis)proves the rule. She can top my poll anytime, aherr herr!!"
I just hope that's not real fur...

Julia Stephenson - Kensington & Chelsea

Julia Stephenson has lived in Chelsea all of her life and is passionate about reserving and enhancing the quality of life in this unique part of London.

If elected she will campaign energetically to improve public transport, (supporting the river bus service), fight to ban SUVs from our congested roads whilst ensuring education, top-class health care and safe streets are at the top of the agenda.

When not proselytizing on behalf of the Green Party Julia works as an author and television journalist.

UPDATE -- A hidden caption tag on the photo states: "Julia in a fake fur coat." You read my mind, Green Party!

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