Tuesday, April 5

I Heart Tabloids


Britain's red-tops are eviscerating the unfortunately equine-featured Camilla Parker Bowles ahead of the royal wedding this weekend. The Daily Star, reporting on the delay in the wedding until Saturday due to the Pope's funeral (thereby conflicting with the Grand National horse race), has this to say:

"Prince Charles' mount Camilla is all set to mix the big race, thanks to the Pope."

But it's the picture that speaks a thousand words. Ouch.

And it just wouldn't be a tabloid without some T&A. If you can't read the caption on the saucy Abi Titmuss (yes, her real name), it says:
Least, we THINK she said election.

The rival Sun goes with:
Abi 'keeps clothes on' sensation
Nude pin-up Abi Titmuss fled a crowd of lads who demanded to see her boobs. Abi, 28, looked shocked as over 100 fellas surged at the stage yelling "Get yer t**s out for the lads."

The Sun has a naked woman on Page 3 every day but is too polite to print the word "tits."
Ah, I love England.

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