Thursday, April 14

Havana Remix

DJ/musical alchemist RJD2 has a video out for his song '1976' that is off the chains. It's brewed from a series of still photos, including lots of great images of Havana's classic cars and the Cuban countryside, that have been cleverly choppped and panned into a 3D landscape. It's a bit hard to explain, best to just watch.

RJD2 put out a few great albums of instrumental hip-hop, then changed course with his latest, 'Since We Last Spoke,' which has nary a hip-hop beat on it and is laced with heavy doses of rock 'n' roll -- refuting Handsome Boy Modelling School's claim that "Rock 'n' roll could never ever hip-hop like this."

Link to the very cool animated video to his song 'Exotic Talk.'

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