Thursday, March 17

When the Going Gets Weird, Beck Goes E-Pro

How damn good is new Beck album, "Guero"? My wife woke me up singing the chorus to "E-Pro" last her sleep! You know you've got an earworm when your subsconcious is singing "NAH NAH NAH NAH NAH-NAH NAH NAH" at 3 in the morning .

The excellent remix EP -- done entirely with sounds from a Gameboy (see above picture) -- is out now on iTunes. The full album isn't officially out until the end of the month.

UPDATE -- I just found out that Beck played a surprise show on Monday night TWO FUCKING MINUTES FROM MY HOUSE!!! *bangs head repeatedly against desk*

UPDATE 2 -- This in an email from Kelly: "That is so not fair!!! Bad Beck...I'm not going to sing his songs in my sleep anymore."

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