Thursday, November 18

This is not a relaunch

Stil working on the new format, etc, but in the meantime there are some treasures on the Internets that I have to post for posterity before they slip into the ether...

The Register snarks: "By the shocked look on the poor girl's face, she has inadvertently picked an inopportune moment to wander onto the set of some hideous Swedish smut production, and has paid the price.
If Vodafone was intending to create a bit of pre-Xmas mobile excitement with the snap, then we reckon it's missed a trick. After all, the full strapline should clearly read: "Free video messaging phone: because Santa comes just once a year".

Monday, November 15

Please hold....

OK I'm working on a revamp of this blog -- ever since Nov. 2 I just haven't had the heart for my typical posts about grotesque celebs and political hijinks. Watch this space toward the beginning of the year, I'll be back with something new.

-- Adam