Thursday, September 16

Larry David: Curb Your Undecidedness

Misanthropic comedic genius Larry David, fresh from his cameo on Entourage, pens a classic NY Times Op-Ed calling out the Undecided among us.

"The other night I saw a whole gaggle of you on TV in a focus group. You really liked chatting with professional pollster Frank Luntz, didn't you? He seemed very interested in what you had to say. Afterward, I could imagine all of you piling into a bus and heading for Denny's to discuss your exciting evening with Frank. I could see all of you staying friends even after the election. Maybe go on some trips together. Perhaps a wine tour of Tuscany. On bicycles! Oh, the life of the Undecided. Too bad they can't hold these presidential elections more often."

"The truth is, Undecideds, you're getting on our nerves. We Decideds hate all the attention you're getting and that you're jerking us around."

Larry's right -- if you can't make a clear choice between the Dink and this guy by now, I'm not really sure you should be trusted in the voting booth.

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