Wednesday, September 15

Borat: Satire or Reality?

The press secreatary at the Kazakh embassy is spitting mad about allegations made by Borat (of "Throw the Jew Down the Well" fame) that a) the national sport is shooting a dog and then having a party b) one can earn a living being a Gypsy catcher c) wine is made from fermented horse urine d) it is customary for a man to grab another man’s khrum and e) “khrum” is the word for testicles.

The New Yorker reports: "While Borat has claimed that 'in Kazakhstan the favorite hobbies are disco dancing, archery, rape, and table tennis,' Vassilenko concedes only the first and the last. Archery is 'not prominent,' he said."

But wait a minute....

So what is the national sport of Kazakhstan? “Kazakhs were traditional nomads, so there are various sports like horse races. Another horseback sport is called something like Catch a—what is name?—Catch a Bride. And that is that a group of young guys race to get a bride, and she races away from them and they have to catch her while she fends them off with a whip.”

dun dun DUN.

View "Throw the Jew" video clip here

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