Tuesday, September 14

Boozin' with the 'rents

The Wall Street Journal does a front-pager on parents letting their kids booze at home, on the theory that it's better than having them out in the street. A dad in Rhode Island ended up getting arrested for suborning underage drinking.

My own dear parents adopted this strategy the night of my prom. They camped out next door, peering through the shutters, while my friends and I had a (PG, non rock star, minimal drug use) party in our house.

To their credit, the 'rents only ventured over twice to check up on things. I have a fuzzy recollection of meeting them at the door and pleading with them to go away. I woke up the next morning in their bed with the biggest hangover of my young life to find my mom in the kitchen, cooking breakfast for my similarly hungover friends. My parents told my friend Kate that they saw her in laying in the middle of our road around 3 a.m., with only the arc of her lit cigarette visable from next door.

The WSJ article is priceless if only for their staid description of a keg stand:
"Roughly 35 kids showed up. Some performed "keg stands," variations on handstands that involve holding beer guzzlers upside-down by their feet, so they can suck beer directly from keg taps."

The article doesn't mention that keg stands get a party started right, as well as quickly. Right?

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