Friday, May 21

Murphy Brown and Dr. Melfi team up to fight crime

In a strange twist, Candice Bergen and Lorraine Bracco were at the scene of a gang-land style assisination on 6th Ave in New York. They were accompanying the commander of the Midtown South Precinct and the chief of Manhattan detectives as part of the NYPD's Precinct Commander for a Day program.

A stunned Ms. Bergen said, "This is the first time I've seen brain matter."

The New York Times > New York Region > Man Is Fatally Shot on Crowded Street by Diamond District

Tuesday, May 18

Cheney: "Do these earings match my pacemaker? Or the black stain on my immortal soul?

"The vice president received $6,345 in gifts, including a set of designer earrings and necklace valued at $1,475."
Wonkette a> snarks: "Ah. We're getting a little curious about exactly what goes on in that undisclosed location. . ."


Dubya: A refreshing spritz of honesty

"Mr. Bush called for a continuing battle to end racial equality, and pointed to his No Child Left Behind law as the way to accomplish that."

Ok it was a typo in the NY Times, since amended (but not "corrected"), but still -- paging Dr. Freud??

The NYT's Own Bushism

Ringtones will save the music business! Oh wait.....

Do-it-yourself ringtone software encroaching on potential profits.

The software, called Xingtone, evokes the same ``oh wow, oh no'' reaction from the labels that greeted the original Napster.

Gambian giant pouched rat: Minesweeper Supreme

Bananas and peanuts, after all, are what drives giant pouched rats to excel. Which is why they are often at their worst on Monday morning.

"During the week, they're on a diet; they have to work for their food," Mr. Weetjens said. "But on weekends, they get to eat as much as they want. On Mondays, they just aren't as hungry."

Up to 30 inches long, it thrives in most of sub-Saharan Africa, lives up to eight years in captivity and is "savage" in the wild, Mr. Weetjens says, but so docile when bred that some people keep them as pets.

Thursday, May 13

Rumsfeld Channels Beyonce

I'm a Survivor, he tells U.S. troops in Baghdad.

US: We like to call it "Freedom Tickling" (c) the Daily Show

"In the case of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, a high-level detainee who is believed to have helped plan the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, C.I.A. interrogators used graduated levels of force, including a technique known as "water boarding," in which a prisoner is strapped down, forcibly pushed under water and made to believe he might drown.
Defenders of the operation said the methods stopped short of torture, did not violate American anti-torture statutes."

Wednesday, May 12

"Don't judge our actions: It's our principles that matter. Our inspiring, abstract notions."

"Just because torturing (or as Wolfowitz calls it, 'freedom tickling') is something we did, doesn't mean it's something we would do."

The Daily Show on America's 'Giant Mess o' Potamia'

Karl Lagerfeld does not, in any way, fuck around

Own only one iPod? If you're weak of mind or fashion-impaired, perhaps. But how to carry your dozen little bundles of digital music joy?

If you're Karl Lagerfeld -- and Karl, if you're reading this, I love the sweatsuit -- you design a custom carrying case based on an antique leather travelers' valise.

But wait!! Hold the damn phone! Karl now has FORTY iPods. Next year for Fendi: iPod steamer trunk.

NYTimes: Not so much with the geography, either

More correx: "A film review in Weekend on Friday about 'Super Size Me,' a documentary on fast food and obesity, attributed a distinction erroneously to Texas, one of the places to which the filmmaker traveled. It is not the largest state in the union; Alaska is.

The New York Times: Not so Gangsta

Correction of the day: "The Boldface Names column yesterday, about the premiere of 'Coffee and Cigarettes' at the TriBeCa Film Festival, gave a misspelled name in some copies for the rap group whose members appear in the movie. It is the Wu-Tang Clan, not Wu-Tan. In some copies the column also misstated the relationship of the hip-hop producer RZA to the group. He is a current member, not a former one."