Thursday, February 19

Thursday, February 5

Oh the Hilarity!

Hee hee hee...John Wells.....bwahhahaa.....takes a stand.....HAHAHAHA....for artistic integrity -- oh god, it's too much, my belly hurts -- after NBC forces him to edit out a scene on ER in which the bbreast of an elderly woman can be seen.

Uh, John? Hi, this is a formerly religious viewer of the West Wing and ER who saw how you gutted those two shows with a dull spoon in a desperate attempt for ratings? I just wanted you to know: YOU SUCK!!!


Political Skullduggery Dept.

Village Voice: "Roger Stone, the longtime Republican dirty-tricks operative who led the mob that shut down the Miami-Dade County recount and helped make George W. Bush president in 2000, is financing, staffing, and orchestrating the presidential campaign of Reverend Al Sharpton."

The idea is that Sharpton will draw off black voters, who would almost certainly vote Democrat, with his quixotic campaign. Why would Sharpton do this? The man is a total whore for publicity.

Update: Ok, I don't understqand this at all but Rush Limbaugh (!?!?!) actually has something incisive to say about this -- maybe the Oxycontin is kicking in again.
"I know a number of you people watching all this and you're seeing the White House not respond to any of it and you're saying, "why aren't they?"
I asked myself yesterday, how many other campaigns have they infiltrated if they've infiltrated Al Sharpton's? How many other campaigns do they have covert operatives in that are setting things up like dominos to fall over?"

LBJ killed Kennedy.....

...says father of Dubya press secretary???
Moyers and Others Want History Channel Inquiry Over Film That Accuses Johnson
Barr McClellan is a former personal lawyer to LBJ.

Wednesday, February 4

Before California Dies, It sees...

Nipplegate: The Index

From Banterist.
explaining to children:
Justin is mean, 312
the lady needed to release some hot air, 312-313
the lady had a bad daddy make her crazy, 312, 314

phrases coined:
Boobiegate, 279
Nipplegate, 279
superbowls, 278, 279
Titskrieg, 280

ways of rationalizing:
Allah's will, 298
desperate for publicity, 299-301
child molester’s sister wants spotlight, 299
choreographer’s joke gone awry, 301
Justin Timberlake horny, 300

Tuesday, February 3

Pope regifting?

Wonkette: "Dick Cheney made news last week when he went to the Vatican to try and shore up relations with the Pope, who had spoken out against the invasion of Iraq. Cheney presented the Pope with a 'crystal dove of peace.' While he feigned gratitude, the Pope was later overheard to mutter, 'Christ, another one?' and told aides that he planned to re-gift the trinket to Mel Gibson as a 'crystal dove of cinematic Jew-baiting.'"

Dean: Dr Boobie

Former Democratic frontrunner on Nipplegate: "I find that to be a bit of a flap about nothing," the former Vermont governor said. "I'm probably affected in some ways by the fact that I'm a doctor, so it's not exactly an unusual phenomenon for me."

"Nice rack!"

The $50 billion exemption

"I forgot to include $50 billion for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in my budget? My bad!"