Friday, January 16

Total Effing Victory

via Bunsen

Bush Booed at MLK Gravesite

The protesters carried signs with slogans like "It's not a photo-op George."

Thursday, January 8

Mr. Bean as Voldemort???

Star of the critically hailed megahit 'Johnny English' (uh, not so much) will take on Harry, Ron and my next-door neighbor in the next HP flick. Would it be so difficult to find an actor with some effin malevolence, fer crying out loud? Is that asking so much??


Tuesday, January 6

God endorses Dubya

Yahweh -- speaking through his earthly representative, Pat Robertson -- weighs in on the 2004 election.


Britney: The Wedding Gift

NYPost: "While Alexander and sources close to Spears swear no alcohol played a part in their marriage, sources say Spears was spotted handing a homeless person a bottle of Jack Daniels on her way out of the chapel the morning she was wed."