Monday, December 15

Pre-IPO, Google already feeling flush

Ok, I think the media saturation on Google is getting a bit out of hand, but this article on the company's new Jasmin toilets is great stuff:

"It's the buttons indicating the gender of Jasmin's user -- crucial information for determining the direction of the water stream -- that has been a real problem.
A small ponytail is added to one icon so users can let Jasmin know. Of course -- particularly in the tech world, and in the Bay Area -- the ponytail is no longer gender specific. And hitting the wrong button has its consequences.
'That can be quite a surprise,' Google's Larry Page noted."


From a Website selling the $1200 Jasmin:

"Pamper yourself with Jasmin's gentle aerated front and rear cleansing feature. Activated by a convenient remote control, the Jasmin allows you to adjust the water temperature, water pressure, and the direction of the gentle aerated stream. The massage feature uses a gentle cycling action that alternates between front and rear washing for unparalleled comfort."

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