Wednesday, October 8

Martha Washington was a hip, hip lady

Amazing Texas Monthly (reg req'd) article on a Dazed and Confused cast reunion.

Almost as interesting as the people who got their start in the movie -- Bafleck, Matthew McConaughey, Renee Zellweger, et al -- are those who auditioned but didn't make it: Vince Vaughn, Claire Daines and Ashley Judd.

Here's the unlikely story of how McConaughey hit it big:

It was, like, a Thursday night that summer, man, and I wanted to stay in and watch some flick, but my girlfriend talked me into going out to have some drinks. There was this bartender I knew from film school who worked at the [Austin] Hyatt and would give us a discount, so we went there. And when we walk in, he's there, and he goes, "Hey, man, the guy down at the end of the bar is in town producing a film." So I went down and introduced myself.

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