Thursday, July 31

There is no film with dialogue that can match Miller's Crossing

I never thought I could feel lust for a plumbing fixture

Wednesday, July 30

planning my next holiday....
If I'm lucky, sometime in my career I'll have a scoop as good as Emily Bavar Kelly, who broke the news that Walt Disney was covertly buying an enormous amounts o f land in Florida to build Disney World. She died this week, age 88.

Tuesday, July 29

Interesting that the recording released by Saddam -- allegedly, purportedly, etc -- says that "If Saddam Hussein had the option to sacrifice other sons, other than Uday and Qusay, Saddam Hussein would have sacrificed them the same honorable way.

Is that a veiled refence to a rumored third son of Saddam?
Bad Dog
Behind the Scenes in Shrub's White House: Plan 63
Good tunes here
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
'Crack' nicotine, a particularly volatile and addictive form of the drug, varies widely from brand to brand.
"Anxious to muster as much international support as possible for its forces in Iraq, costing about $1 billion a week, Washington named 30 governments that have agreed to help by contributing to military or police operations.
Some of the countries did not have the means to pay for their own contributions so they were talking to the United States about financial assistance, State Department spokesman Richard Boucher told reporters."
I knew there was a reason I didn't like wearing tight neckties...
The New York Times obituary for Bob Hope was written by Vincent Canby -- the paper's former film critic who
died three years ago.

"He wrote the piece a few years ago," Joe Lelyveld, the Times interim executive editor, tells the New York Post, "and not much has happened in Bob Hope's life since."
Parody website from the Sierra Club takes on the Hummer and General Motors.

"Fabian, Pat Boone, Frankie Avalon, and Dion and the Belmonts are just some of today's top performers to be featured in GM's new campaign for the Hummer H2.

"To showcase the Hummer's cutting-edge really-big engine technology, and explain how it fits into the lifestyle of the forward-thinking 50s American, we're playing off the popularity of some of today's hottest musical acts," said GM vice-president of marketing Jim Clenndennen."

Hummer: 10 mpg
Model T: 25 mpg
A lawyer defends his teenage client's use of the word 'Fuck'-- specifically to call his principle "a fucker, a fag, and a fucking fag" when accused of smoking in the boy's room. The lawyer draws from historical sources (first recorded use in 1500 A.D. in the poem Flen Flyys: "Non sunt in celi quia fuccant uuiuys of heli," translated as "They are not in heaven becasue they fuck the wives of Ely") and Google searches to make his point. Fuck yeah!

Thursday, July 24

The Shrub administration, in an effort to discredit their opponents in the brouhaha over allegedly faked Iraq WMD evidence, exposes the name of an undercover CIA officer
Woo-hoo! The digusting medical photos of a photographer working in the pathologist's office are back!
This must be a hoax.... Pepsi is sponsoring a $1 billion lottery game show -- and the numbers are to be picked by carefully screened chimpanzees

Monday, July 14

If I had an iPod, I'd really want one of these: iPod BodyMask SALE

Friday, July 11

When I was a camp counselor, why didn't I think of staging fights between kids and charging for admission??
Puppies are cute. Chocolate labs especially. But I think that my friends Kurt and Danielle's dog Lola might just be off the scale.
Donald Rumsfeld lie? Nooooooooooooooooooo. Never!
A Pittsburgh Pirates first baseman won't face criminal charges despite taking a Louisville slugger to a woman in a sausage costume as she ran by the dugout. This took place, naturally, in Milwaukee.

One fan adds, unnecessarily, "This is a big sausage town."
God I love the London tabloids sometimes. The Sun vies for next year's Pulitzer (or whatever the UK equivalent is) with the shocking expose "Hulk doll's monster willy":

"Horrified Leah immediately ran to mum Kim and reported the find. And last night Kim called for a ban on the saucy toy. She said: 'A hulk with a bulk like this just shouldn’t be allowed. Considering the doll is only 12-inches tall it’s amazing how big his willy is.'"

Tuesday, July 8

The mysterious widow of a Saudi billionaire, who also happens to be a Paris-based chess and fine arts patron, and -- oh yeah, the DAUGHTER OF THE SYRIAN DEFENSE MINISTER (!) -- has quietly bought up a 10 percent stake in Cordiant, the troubled UK advertising company I've been writing about every day since I got to London four months ago.

Nobody knows what the dickens Nahed Ojjeh -- or Active Value, the fund manager that has become Cordiant's largest shareholder -- are up to. Anyone with any idea, drop a line to

Here's my latest: Billionaire's widow ups stake in UK's Cordiant
I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself -- DUNNADA!
UH OH.....

Shrub political guru/Svengali Karl Rove apparently spent the 4th of July cheering on upstart Democratic challenger Howard Dean.

"Rove told a companion, " 'Heh, heh, heh. Yeah, that's the one we want,' " according to Daniel J. Weiss, an environmental consultant, who was standing nearby.

Then, Weiss said, Rove exhorted the marchers and the parade audience, 'Come on, everybody! Go, Howard Dean!'"
Joe Lieberman has made an interesting choice for his press secretary as he ramps up for a presidential run against Shrub in 2004 -- the unfortunately named Dan Gobush
One person driving home with a body in their windshield is a fluke, but two is a trend. Salacious detail: "Deputies first learned of the accident, which happened about midnight Friday, from patrons at a bar who called 911 to report finding two legs near the parking lot."

(via Drudge Report)
Take the NYC subway to the Jersey shore ....sorta

Monday, July 7

I'm pretty sure this isn't a joke: James Cameron claims he wrote the first 'Terminator' movie with O.J. Simpson, not Ah-nohld, in mind. The trouble was, as Cameron told Esquire, “People wouldn’t have believed a nice guy like O.J. playing the part of a ruthless killer.”

The New Yorker: The Critics: The Current Cinema
Looks like Shrub (left) is mastering the Segway with help from Bush pere (right)
My article on David Beckham got picked up in USA Today
One of my favorite sites, run by a photographer who works for the pathologists office in New York, is being forced to take down the horrible, disgusting, and absolutely fascinating pictures of tumors, surgeries and other blood and guts. So peep them while you can!
A friend of mine wrote a great story on how 'grim is in' for youth marketers. Youth Marketers Walk on the Dark Side
On a related note, I'm semi-obsessed with Lemony Snicket's 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' books. Imagine a tongue-in-cheek Harry Potter book, without magic, and a boatload of literary allusions.

If you've read any of the books, I highly recommend reading
The Unofficial Lemony Snicket FAQ to see just how complex and layered this series is.
I can't decide what tattoo I should get for my child.
You're a Swedish farmer minding your own business when all of a sudden an experimental Japanese space shuttle, dropped from a balloon 13 miles high, lands on your face. Ok, so it just landed in a field.

But the official comment is priceless: "From a scientific perspective, it was a success because we collected the data we were looking for,'' space agency spokesman Hiroaki Sato said Wednesday. "But because of the landing, we are unsure if we can continue the test flights...''

(via Warren Ellis' Die Puny Humans )
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About six months ago, my wife's best friend Jill was talking about the names she and her husband were considering for their unborn child. They refused to tell us their top choices, but said they had two names, one male and one female, for each letter of the alphabet.

My wife and I, along with Jill's sister, started working our way through the alphabet (it's harder than it sounds). When we got to J, we started ragging the name Jared -- it reminded us all of the Subway spokesman, who should be lauded for his dramatic victory over obesity, but seriously, is this what you want to be thinking about for your child?

As we laughingly dissed the name, Jill was getting more and more pissed, until she finally said, "Can we stop talking about this RIGHT NOW??!" Guess what their top option was? Ooops.

As it turns out, they named their son Aidan, a name I like a ton. It's also the 63rd most common boy's name in the United States, according to this website.

Why have Brooklyn, Trinity and Ruby become so common?
The soundtrack to our Italian adventure -- this song by Paolo Meneguzzi was on the radio about once every five minutes when we were driving around the countryside.
Check out photos from our trip to Italy.
(NY Times Co. subsidiary) The Boston Globe attempts to copyright the Declaration of Independence. (see bottom of page)
Excellent 360 degree photo of 4th of July Fireworks from the Empire State Building

Thursday, July 3

A new attraction at Coney Island: lay down your money and shoot "freaks" with a paintball gun. Trust No One (second item)
404 -- Weapons of Mass Destruction not found

Wednesday, July 2

The Onion on why people are buying Harry Potter:

"Characters getting to that age where they start to have sexy thoughts"

"Just couldn't get into Atonement mania"
An old story of mine:

Product advertisers find "Sopranos" hard to refuse

My article on WPP and CEO Martin Sorrell's contentious pay package
Amazing Matrix ASCII animation

(Update -- the link seems to be broken. But the links for Bart Simpson and this breakdancer still work)

Tuesday, July 1

It seems that there may have been an attempt to kill Shrub on the morning of September 11.

"At about the same time Bush was getting ready for his [morning of 9/11] jog, a van carrying several Middle Eastern men pulled up to the Colony's guard station. The men said they were a television news crew with a scheduled 'poolside' interview with the president. They asked for a certain Secret Service agent by name. The message was relayed to a Secret Service agent inside the resort, who hadn't heard of the agent mentioned or of plans for an interview. He told the men to contact the president's public relations office in Washington, DC, and had the van turned away. "

The article notes that Ahmed Shah Massoud, leader of Afghanistan's Northern Alliance, was killed in a similar ruse only two days before, on 9/9.
The GOP is holding its national convention next year in New York City. According to an article that briefly appeared in the New York Times -- and was then mysteriously changed -- the Republicans plan to lay the cornerstone for new WTC complex during the convention!!

The changed NYT story is especially odd, as the paper is usually very stringent in their corrections policy. If the story was wrong, they would have corrected it.

I think I can safely say that the coming presidential election will be more nauseating than usual as both parties try to milk 9/11 for all its worth.